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Dog Training Guide: How to stop your dog from destructive chewing

Do you return home knowing that your dog has damaged the furniture, shoes, or other household items? Chewing things in the house is a common behavioral problem in dogs. For young dogs, it’s a way to relieve the pain caused by the incoming teeth. For older dogs, it’s a way to keep their jaws strong and teeth clean. There may be many underlying causes such as pain, anxiety, or boredom. To be able to correct this, one needs to understand the cause behind the behavior.

Destructive chewing is caused by the following reasons:

Unreleased energy

Puppies, especially of large breeds with a lot of unspent energy exhibit this problem and are prone to chew furniture, shoes, etc. This kind of chewing should not be confused with teething.

Separation anxiety

Dogs chewing may be associated to relieve stress such as separation anxiety or moving to a new place, fear of loud noises or crackers.

Inadequate exercise

Chewing a variety of objects in the house regardless of you being around them is a sign of boredom. This means they need more play time and physical activity to release energy.

Health disorder

Medical conditions like liver diseases, mouth disorders, etc can lead to abnormal chewing behavior.

How to manage or reduce your dog’s destructive chewing behavior?

What not to do

Destructive behavior not only damages your house but also lead to dog injury. With patience, love, and perseverance you will be able to correct your pet’s annoying and destructive behavior.